religiousmishaps asked: Is the #3 red? #2 blue? #4 yellow?

RE: Synesthesia-

Some of them aren’t strongly associated with colors…some of them are extremely: 5, M, and W are all “Blue,” A, Y, 4, I, and V are all “Yellow,” 8, and B are “Orange,” P, S, and R, are “Red,” but then like O is nothing. It’s just O haha

hussiens asked: So, I don't know if you'll have to face this question in the future, but I'm sure you're aware of the show "glee" and how they constantly do covers of various songs. Point is, if you were asked by them if they could cover one of your or FOB's songs, would you be opposed to it? Other artists like Kings of Leon have told them no, and I wanted to know if you'd follow suit if it came up.

I’m not a snob about “Syncs,” (licensing music for television shows/video games/movies). I’m happy with whoever wants to use my music for something as long as they’re not using it to express/promote something I find offensive (racism/homophobia/greed/sexism/etc.).

deathsofdaisies asked: I've read that you're a synesthete. Is this true? And if so, what type of synesthesia do you have? I've only recently figured out that I have ordinal linguistic personification synesthesia, basically giving personalities and traits to colors, numbers, and the like. I'd love to hear about yours.

I have Grapheme-> Color Synesthesia, and Sound -> Color Synesthesia. Most letters and numbers “Feel,” like a color. Music also can have colors associated with them (but this is a lot less pronounced than my grapheme->color associations). I’ve talked to a lot of musicians though and the more I talk to the more I’m finding out that this is fairly common.

b0nerdirection asked: This should probably be a music related question, but I was just wondering if you knew who the Westboro Baptist Church is and if you do, what is your opinion of them? I know it's a big beliefed involved type of question, so for that I apologize. Just curious to hear your response :)

Duh, they’re misguided/cruel people and I can’t imagine even they take themselves fully seriously. 

pontimus asked: I know you like acting, so are there any films or particular characters you'd love to have played?

I’m too young to ever play characters like this but Chauncey Gardner from Being There, Bill Murray’s characters in Rushmore, Lost In Translation, or Life Aquatic, if they ever do a biopic on Elvis Costello I want at least an audition haha

westmostcoast asked: can you see yourself ever signing other artists and putting their music out, be it under 'nervous breakdance' or something entirely different, or is that something you'd rather steer clear of? does that side of the music business interest you at all?

I don’t really see myself as a businessman. I’ll never say never but I don’t ever want to do anything only for money

scarletestelle asked: Do you tend to lurk other tumblrs or stay fixated on the ones you follow?

I don’t know how to go to other tumblrs haha

neonknightrider asked: So, if I remember correctly, you said that Truant Wave was somewhat of a concept album, telling a story. Now that you've debuted Explode on Youtube (and it sounds awesome, by the way), it also sounds like a narrative. Can we expect more storytelling like this when Soul Punk drops? Also, after looking at the Nervous Breakdown logo, and the other Soul Punk shirt (I picked up the white font one on your store), I totally want to buy the other one now as well, haha.

Soul Punk is less a cohesive narrative as one piece and more individual pieces that dissect a few themes. The album as a whole deals with greed and paranoia and how the two influence each other. The record also deals a bit with innocence and death.

-deargravityyy asked: i know you said you don't really have a "favorite" song of yours but is there a song you are most proud of?

Maybe it’s my post-Catholic upbringing, but I try not to believe in pride (or at least try not to dwell on it). That said, (cough *cop out answer!* cough) I don’t have one I’m most proud of haha.

jericopel asked: Mr. Stump. How can I improve my vocal range?

As in any profession: Lose your fear. Don’t be afraid of your voice; it’s you. Learn how to access every part of your voice (the yelps, the screams, the growls, the coos, the back of the throat, the front of the throat, all of it) then practice controlling them like you would practice anything.

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